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The ram defensive cut Donald was rated as the best defensive new show
Just as the holy Louis male, Jeff Fisher predicted before the season, the alliance announced on Saturday, and the ram defensive cuta-Tang Donald was rated as this The best defenders in the season. This is also a defensive frontline player harvest this award in a routing session. Sheldon Richardson, from New York Jet, was awarded this award.

According to the scoring system of PFF (Profootballfocus), Donald leads all the union defensive cuts in the total score. His performance is very all-round, contributed significant in rushing and nfl jerseys anti-running, and the anti-racing score will also lead in the clutch position. At the same time, Wholesale jerseys Donald completed 9 kills, in the middle of the defensive cut, second.

Khalil Mack from the Auckland raid and C.j. Mosley (C. J. Mosley) is also a popular candidate for the award, but there is still a distance between the two people and Donald. In the early season, Donald's play time is limited, but he sits in the first place cheap jerseys from china the 5th week, becoming the backbone of the Rambury defensive group. Although his body is a little short than other defensive front lines, his speed and strength is beyond everyone's imagination.

Donald's efforts and excellent performance, Donald, perhaps, perhaps, may be a place where they are the most talented defensive front line. He and Robert Quinn, Cris Long, and Michael Brockers will continue to have surprises to fans next season. There is no doubt that Donald is equipped with this award. He is the best defensive new show this season.