Volkswagen CEO Diess apos;not Afraid apos; Of An Apple Galvanizing Car

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FRANKFURT, Feb 14 (Reuters) - Germany's Volkswagen is not implicated by whatsoever Malus pumila plans for a rider vehicle that could let in the iPhone maker's barrage fire technology, its boss executive director Herbert Diess aforesaid.

Reuters reported in Dec that Orchard apple tree May sustain progressed adequate to work up a vehicle for flock markets by 2024, helped by price cuts in barrage engineering.

"The car industry is not a typical tech-sector that you could take over at a single stroke," Diess was quoted as saying an audience with Hotdog Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

"Apple will not manage that overnight," he added.

Patch Apple's plans are not public, Diess aforesaid its intentions as such were "logical" because the companionship had expertise in batteries, software and design, and that it had deep pockets to physical body on these competencies.

"Still, we are not afraid," he aforesaid.

Volkswagen plans to formulate computer software required for sovereign cars in-sign to see it prat vie against tech firms in the field of battle of electrical machine data.

(Reportage by Vera Eckert; Redaction by Horse parsley Smith)